Navy Squadron Challenge Coin


The idea of the squadron challenge coin originated among airplane pilots who would exchange and keep small coins representing respective units, way back in the early 20th century when the idea which has led to the modern day challenge coin began. Back then, it was also important for pilots as a way of identifying themselves should anyone be shot down, and particularly if they survived so that it could be proven to allies that they were who they said they were.

We are always happy for the opportunity to work on new Navy Squadron challenge coins in order to help carry forward the tradition with great looking for coins for the community of pilots that helped start the challenge coin tradition. This coin highlights a now retired Naval Air Squadron that flew P-3 Orions out of Southern California. On the front their patch is highlighted. On the back we did as faithful a representation of the P-3’s as we could, in full 3D effect. Even if you’ve never seen a P-3 before in person, just looking at our rendition of it tells you we went to great lengths to make it as accurate as possible. We completed the design with a nice looking antique silver finish in this squadron challenge coin.

If you are looking for professionally designed coins that maintain painstaking faithful detail to original artwork, logos, or vehicles, we are the company that has a proven track record of achieving these results. We have even improved upon the images and logos of organizations we have worked with, so much so that they end up using what we did long after we finished their work. If you provide us with any images of buildings, airplanes, vehicles, or anything else that you want faithfully replicated onto a coin, we can do anything. And we will keep working on it with you until you feel we have it exactly correct.

Finished Squadron Challenge Coin Front

Navy Squadron Challenge Coin Front

Finished Squadron Challenge Coin Back

Navy Squadron Challenge Coin Back

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