NAVY Mustang Challenge Coin

What is a Navy mustang? In Navy terminology, “mustangs” are enlisted Sailors who rise to the level of officer with little or no interruption in their active duty status. The term is more commonly known to refer to stray horses that were forced to adapt to the harsh and unforgiving conditions of the American Wild West after being left behind by Spanish settlers in the 16th century.

A United States Navy mustang officer can be a chief warrant officer, a limited duty officer, a staff corps officer, a restricted line officer, or an unrestricted line officer, depending on their particular situation. The Naval Academy scouts the Navy’s enlisted fleet for outstanding Sailors who have been forged by the sea. To support these Sailors’ aspirations, the prior-enlisted midshipmen at the Academy established a new extracurricular activity, the USNA Mustang Club.

This custom challenge coin that we made for a Navy Mustang was one of the most artistic and exceptional coins we have ever done. It is shaped more like an art sculpture rather than an ordinary challenge coin. It has sculptures and engravings of a mustang, an eagle, a flower, and the USN insignia, all combined into one aesthetic entity.

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Finished Coin (Front)

navy mustang challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

navy mustang challenge coin back

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