Navy Challenge Coin Design

This challenge coin design was extremely unique in that the design features children. Most of the time, military challenge coins are aimed towards appealing to a military unit or to an older generation and are not given away to children. We tend to disagree that challenge coins are only for adults as they are great ways to reward children for doing something great or being a part of a group, making them feel great in the process. They are also something that can be collected and kept for years to come, something kids will treasure and look back upon with pride as they grow. Kids love challenge coins and that’s the truth.

With this coin we designed the image to feature a soldier hand-in-hand with a child as they walk over the rocky ground. We also featured the American flag in the background along with some 3D effects of the ground and stars.

The challenge coin design that this customer sent us for this coin was pretty much completely done. We didn’t have any of the 3D effects into the design so we added that to make it pop out more for this particular customer. We also made the metal area finished with an antique plating so that it gave the coin more of that traditional, old, collected and worn look and feel. Overall the coin turned out great and the customer was very happy with the finished outcome.

Embleholics makes challenge coin desings for military organizations, individuals, and their families. We make coins for all ages and have made coins that are designed to be given to children and coins to be given away at military balls. Our coins come in many different shapes and designs. This coin proves that, indeed, challenge coins are for any age, for anyone from any walk of life.

Start working with Embleholics today and make yourself some wonderful looking military challenge coins. We design our coins using our own in-house custom art team and develop the coins from start to finish with you and your team in mind. Each design is unique to you and we do not recycle or reuse any part of old designs. Work with a team of veterans who know what it means to work hard; who make great products for fellow veterans or anyone else that knows what service means.


Coin Finished Front

Army Challenge Coin Design With Stars and Flag

Detailed Look at 3D Aspects of Coin

challenge coin design

Detailed Look at 3D Edge

challenge coin design back

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