Military Police Challenge Coin

The 46th Military Police Command is a command level military police headquarters element within the Michigan Army National Guard capable of training, deploying, and providing command and control for military police, corrections, and criminal investigation division (CID) units. Its mission is to provide command and control for the operational/tactical planning, supervision, coordination and integration of assigned or attached military police combat support and internment/resettlement brigades and other military police units engaged in Army, joint, and multinational military police operations in support of the Army/combatant commander’s priorities.

When they asked us to design and produce a custom challenge coin for them, we were really excited because they wanted nothing ordinary about it. They wanted a rectangular shaped coin, with a crossed flintlock pistols on top of it. Other than that, they wanted it be clean and unsophisticated, without any colors and paint.

The result is an amazing, vintage-looking and extraordinary challenge coin. Even without any bright colors or accents, the basic shape of the coin itself really stands out among other common coin or badges. Then when you look closely, you can notice that the insignias and the letterings are well engraved that even without paint on them, you can see and read everything clearly.

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Finished Coin (Front)

military police challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

military police challenge coin back

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