Military Custom Bottle Opener

Bottle openers and can openers, sometimes also called ‘Church Key’ or ‘Churchkey’ in North America. A church key initially referred to a simple hand-operated device for prying the cap, called a “crown cork”, off a glass bottle. The shape and design of some of these openers did resemble a large simple key. This kind of closure was invented in 1892, although there is no evidence that the opener was called a church key at that time.

There are several varieties of bottle openers, such as Crown Cork openers, Speed openers or ‘Bar Blades’, Wall-mounted, and
Multi-opener. A lot of organizations and institutions asked to build them custom challenge coins which also function as a bottle opener. We believe one of the reasons is that most people drink from a bottle, and it’s pretty annoying once you have a bottle of drink in your hand and you don’t have the means to open it.

This one in the photos is an example of a military bottle opener that people usually order us at Embleholics. This one has a rectangular shape, is engraved with text and graphics on both sides and is coated in golden color. The details and elements on the bottle opener are pretty much just like we see on a challenge coin.

We just need to make sure that the material is strong enough for it to function properly, and has the 3 essential parts of a bottle opener: Fulcrum, Tooth, and Lever.

Make your Military Bottle Opener with Embleholics, the 100% veteran-owned and operated challenge coin company! Just request a quote from us and we will contact you within 24 hours and get started on your coins. 

Finished Bottle Opener (Front)

military custom bottle opener front

Finished Bottle Opener (Back)

military custom bottle opener back

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