Marine Corps Challenge Coin

This Marine corps challenge coin is one of the most unique and artistic coins we have ever done for a customer, and shows not only the capabilities of our artist team, but also the ability of our manufacturer and the quality of our design process. A coin like this obviously can’t be created based on the first design draft, unless of course you are an artist yourself. This coin design started with a simple idea, and grew into this coin of incredible detail.

On the front are details that show cultural elements close to this Marine Corps unit, most of which have a Latin American, Mexican theme, with parrots and the mask. The banner folds over itself to create a 3D effect without actually being extensively 3D. The back features a Day of the Dead looking mask and the five military branches.

One thing you’ll notice about this marine corps challenge coin is that the shape of the coin isn’t actually anything definable itself. Rather, it is just a shape that has been made to fit the various elements within the coin in order to increase the uniqueness of the coin itself as opposed to being round.

This coin is one of many Marine Corps coins we have done, and as you can see it turned out incredibly looking, something that is commonplace for us. Marines are intensely prideful about their symbology and anything else related to the Marine Corps that goes onto a coin, and Embleholics is able to deliver results such that colors and details match exactly your symbology, ensuring proper respect is paid to the long, time-honored traditions of the Corps. In addition to this coin, we have done several Marine Corps challenge coins featuring bulldogs, flags, weapons, rank insignias, and even helicopters, airplanes, or other vehicles. We understand the critical need for precision, and we will exceed your expectations.

Embleholics is 100% owned and operated by veterans who have served in the military and understand the professionalism that Marines expect when choosing to work with someone, and the high-quality standards expected of any product featuring Marine Corps symbols, mottos, or imagery. We offer you the opportunity to design anything you can think of, and our artists will continue revising your artwork as many teams as is necessary in order to get your coins perfect before we produce exactly as seen in the artwork. Work with us today!

Challenge Coin Artwork

Marine Corps Challenge Coin Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Marine Corps Challenge Coin Front

Finished Coin Back

challenge coin

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