Gaming Commission Challenge Coin

The Squaxin Island Gaming Commission (SIGC) was established by Ordinance in 1994 and later ratified in 2015 and 2021. The Commission is a five-member body appointed with the terms and conditions of the Squaxin Island Tribal Council. The Commission has the authority to develop and implement regulations for, and supervise the operation of, any gaming operations established within the jurisdiction of the Squaxin Island Tribe. Their Mission: Exercising Tribal sovereignty by governing and regulating gambling activities licensed or allowed by the Tribe.

The concept for the custom challenge coin is pretty simple, we only put the logos of the Squaxin Island Tribe and the SIGC on the sides of the coin. They have a very cool and unique logo with strong Native American vibe, the challenge would be to balance it with the layout of the texts, the choice of colors, and the proportion of the other elements.

Using dark color as the base really pops out the graphics and letterings on the coin. We really love the white fonts used for the text, too, it goes well with the overall theme of the coin. The fish logo is well embossed and painted, without missing any small details, as also you can see on the details of the star in the SIGC logo.

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Finished Coin (Front)

gaming commission challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

gaming commission challenge coin back

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