Freemason Coin

Harry S. Truman Lodge 

Creating a freemason coin can be a complex task when it comes to making sure that the coins include correct imagery and symbols that are important to Masons. Many challenge coins manufacturers don’t understand the importance of providing great artwork to their customers. Not only that when we receive feedback from our customers on what they want changed, we take that seriously and update the artwork to represent their desires. With this coin we made a lot of different small changes for our customer, but ended up making a great coin that they enjoyed as well as those who received it.

Freemason Coin Done Right!

With this coin we wanted to make something that was special. A lot of our customers have looked at some of our off shaped coins and decide to work with us because we make extremely unique cutout designs. We also don’t charge our customers a large amount for having cutout designs and encourage them to make something that they are going to want to have, and which represents our ability to make great coins. With this coin the customer wanted a square looking coin with some 3D elements to it that really popped out of the coin. He also wanted to make sure that the coin represented his lodge accurately. Because of the detail necessary to make a coin which represents a lodge accurately, freemason coin can be challenging to get right.

All-Seeing Eye

At the top of the coin you can see that we wanted to feature the All-Seeing Eye as this is a very important symbol in masonic traditions. The all seeing eye represents the symbol of deity, abstract yet always omnipresent. We featured this at the top center and with enough space around it so that when someone looks at the coin they can focus on what is most important.

Around the coin on the front is the Apron which represents what is taken into the next life with a Mason. We wanted to make sure that this was also featured in the coin but also integrated well into the design.

In the bottom area of the design you can see the compass which is an important symbol to represent the bond that is shared with humanity and also other masons, who they call brothers and sisters.

47th Problem of Euclid

A freemason Coin often can seem bland and not very different looking. They also can feature very little imagination when it comes to the design. This coin, however, features great details. If you look at the back of the coin, you can see that the checkered floor is a representation of the 47th Problem of Euclid, which most people would not see this right away. Looking closely you can also see the Blazing Star represented by the Sun and the Moon.

Freemason Coin Done Right!

When it comes to making a freemason coin we want to do our best. We understand that our customers want to make something amazing for their lodge that will be unique and represent them. We also understand that each person who makes challenge coins have very different tastes. It is for that reason that with each customer we take what they want, start from scratch, and use our customers feedback to make something they love. Once the design is done we manufacture the coins to represent the artwork and put in real 3D elements to make the coin something to be cherished forever.

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Challenge Coin Artwork

Freemason Coin Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Freemason Coin Front

Finished Coin Back

Freemason Coin Back

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