F&AM Challenge Coin

All Freemasons (F & AM and AF & AM) have their history from the building of the temple by King Solomon in biblical times. In the 1730s, Freemason was exported introduced to North America. The Moderns and the Ancients or Antients started to bring up daughter lodges and Grand Lodges were organized in various provinces. After the American Revolution occurred, there was a formation of independent Grand Lodges in each state.

F & AM (Free and Accepted Masons) commissioned us this challenge coin and this one of a classic & conventional design that we have crafted. Nothing overwhelming and unusual, just the logo on one side and the map of the world on the other, and some letterings to enclose them. So what can we do to make this coin to look grand and shine?

We needed to make sure that the layout of all of the design elements to be balanced, they should not overpowering each other. And the the rest is the technical execution. All the lines in the design should be carved at the right width to make sure the graphics and the letters are clearly shown. And finally, the choice of colors and the painting process need to done impeccably to give this challenge coin a perfect finish.

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Finished Coin (Front)

F&AM challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

F&AM challenge coin back

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