Emergency Service Unit Coin

Emergency Service Unit or ESU, responds to a wide range of calls for assistance, including people threatening to jump off bridges or buildings, people stuck in elevators, barricaded perpetrators, and hostage situations. In American law enforcement (municipal, county, or state), the ESU is a multi-faceted element within a law enforcement agency’s Special Operations Command.

Law enforcement agency ESU members must maintain the highest level of physical agility and personal health at all times in order to meet the crisis challenges of tactical situations. There are minimum time-in-grade requirements before an NYPD officer can apply to transfer to ESU. Police Officers must have a minimum of 5 years in the department with a minimum annual rating of 3.5. Supervisors in the rank of sergeants and lieutenants must have 2 years in rank before being assigned to ESU.

We got the order to create this custom challenge coin from the ESU of Regional County of Maine. They requested a coin with a quite simple design, just their logo on the front side, and the inscription of their motto on the back side. They also only wanted two colors applied, which are gold and black.

They have a really nice logo which makes the challenge coin design to be bold and straightforward. Without any etched patterns or other elements, the combination of gold & black finish really works well for this design.

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Finished Coin (Front)

emergency service unit coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

emergency service unit coin back

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