Dragon Challenge Coin

This one of the most unique custom challenge coin we’ve ever designed and produced. Not everyone want a typical and common challenge coin for their squad or their team. Once in a while you get a request to make an extraordinary coin that has outlandish shape, like this Dragon Challenge Coin. While it is a challenge to manufacture that kind of composition, it always give us a great amusement to get out of the routine once in a while.

The first challenge is to create the base coin in shape of a dragon. Not just the outlines, but also the figure of the dragon such as the limbs and everything, need to be sculpted and also seen on both sides, so this dragon image was almost three dimensional in geometry. To give the dragon an alluring details, we also designed the scales for the wings to be sculpted and painted. Finally we put the American Eagle insignia on one side and a banner with letters on the other.

You can see in the pictures that this is definitely not your ordinary challenge coin. The details on the embossed & painted eagle is as beautiful as the golden dragon encircling it. The red painted wings give a nice accent on the overall look of one-of-a-kind token.

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Finished Coin (Front)

Dragon Challenge Coin Front

Finished Coin (Back)

Dragon Challenge Coin Back

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Dragon Challenge Coin Front