DLA Energy Challenge Coin

Fueling Passion

This customer requested a challenge coin from us that would represent various fuelers in the military. They are often called Grapes because of their love of purple colors and because personnel are represented by purple on their uniforms while on the flight deck.  When we made this coin we wanted to make sure to include items that would best present the fuel and the different commands involved in the success of the military and its fuel program. The fuel is represented by a 3D fuel can image, while the commands are represented in fine, pain-staking detail to make sure it looks accurate to the actual command’s images. As you can see, we are capable to getting a very fine level of detail on our coins.

On the back we worked with the customer to creatively represent the command, using an image of a map of the Earth’s eastern hemisphere, an object blasting off from the location of the headquarters in Germany, and the command’s patch. A diamond edge cut rounds out the coin’s design for the front and back.

Embleholics has worked with every imaginable group, unit, and department in the military. As this coin shows, a coin can look excellent and very nice without using a fancy cutout shape. Coins can have 3D aspects or not, can use any number of painted parts–we have had coins with over 20 colors before–and any other number of customizable features. Just contact us today and we will get started on your amazing challenge coin design.



Finished Coin Front

DLA Energy Custom Challenge Coin front

Finished Coin Back

DLA Energy Custom Challenge Coin Back

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