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World Motorsports Veterans Coin

When it comes to designing and producing custom coins, Embleholics puts in the time and effort for each customer to make them right. We use professional artist who are trained to understand the customer’s needs and to take the customer’s feedback to make a custom coin that is exactly what the customer wants. With this particular coin we did spent a lot of time with the customer to make sure to provide them something that represents them, their team, and something that people would cherish for many years.

The Gear

The world of motorsports is surrounded by machines. The smell of burnt tires, the sound of engines running full throttle, and people yelling at the top of their lungs for the cars to go faster. With this coin we wanted to represent the vehicles that are the key focus when it comes to the world of motorsports. With this coin we wanted to make it in the shape of a gear because the customer wanted something that was different from the rest of their coins that they had. They didn’t want the traditional round simple coin. Our art team suggested that they make a gear, have it not only cut out, but also 3D and really pop out of the coin.

We also wanted to feature the American eagle as that is a key symbol of America and in this case the veterans that had served in the military. As you can see with all of our custom coins, we spend a lot of time focusing on what symbols to use and the importance of what those symbols mean, while recreating them faithfully. We additionally made the eagle 3D and had it pop even further out of the coin.

As you look at the back side of the coin you can see that we took some additional elements that the customer wanted and put them into the design. When our customers request to have specific items added that sometimes can be too much, we try to position them in a nice and clear way such that they can still be included, but the coin doesn’t become overwhelming. With this coin we made the trident, flags, and rifle to be assembled in a classy and clean way. This removed clutter that otherwise could have been apparent in the design.

Custom Coins Done Right!

Custom coins are not always easy to make. Each customer has different desires when it comes to making their custom coins. We spend a lot of time understanding our customers needs on an individual and sometimes personal level, focusing on what is important to them to make the best custom coins possible. We hope that you will choose to work with us and continue to support veteran owned and operated businesses when it comes to making your custom coins. We promise you that we will provide professional service and we aim to make customer satisfaction a critical priority for us.




Challenge Coin Artwork

custom coins artwork

Finished Coin Front

custom coins front

Finished Coin Back

custom coins back

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