Coventry Police Challenge Coin

Coventry is a town in Kent County, Rhode Island. It was first settled by English colonists in the early 18th century, and now is Rhode Island’s largest town, has an area of 64.8 square miles and a population of over 33,000.

The Town of Coventry’s Police is a full-service, municipal law enforcement agency whose mission is to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the people. Its mission is to protect and connect with the community we serve, enhance public safety, and reduce the incidents and fear of crime.

They requested a classic and traditional challenge coin, with a sculpted image of an anchor with a US Flag background on one side, and the Coventry Police Coat of Arms embossed on the other side. The elephant image on the Coat of Arms had a religious symbolism. The elephant is seen, not only as a beast so strong that he can carry a tower–Coventry’s castle–full of armed men but also as a symbol of Christ’s redemption of the human race.

While the design concept sounds simple, we needed to make sure that every detail was machined flawlessly. The anchor was engraved beautifully, and you can see in the photo that the elephant image has little details etched nicely on the coin.

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Finished Coin (Front)

coventry police challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

coventry police challenge coin back

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