Commodore Command Challenge Coin

When we were asked to design this coin we wanted to make it professional but also different than the normal command coin that you often see with high ranking officials. We wanted to make something that when received, would stand out from all the rest of the coins. With that we went for a cutout design, where both sides of the coin matched very well with a cut out design around the middle to bring out the triangle which makes up the individual and their symbols. This type of design can be integrated into a surprising number of coins.

Overall the coin turned out very well and the customer came out with a design that in a professional sense is enjoyed, but also is unique and different and has an outstanding look given the professional purpose behind–adding an elegant and refined wow factor to the presentation of it. When we make our challenge coins we try to make something different for our customers, something that they will enjoy and others will enjoy to receive.

We understand that every individual or organization’s needs may vary and in many cases a uniquely shaped coin may not be suitable. Perhaps it isn’t acceptable for a very high-ranking official to have a more artistic or incredibly shaped coin, or one with a bottle opener in it. But this coin proves that you don’t have to make design and uniqueness sacrifices when it comes to being professional. We will work with you to make the coin look amazing while also fulfilling a professional look.

Finished Coin Front

Commodore Command Challenge Coin Front

Finished High Detail Image

Commodore Command Challenge Coin

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