Clarence Fire Co. Challenge Coin

The Clarence Fire Company is located near the Clarence Hollow on Main Street, Clarence, NY. They provide fire protection and EMS services. Clarence Volunteer Fire Company provides the following services to our community: Fire, EMS, Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Rural search & Rescue, and Ice Rescue.

The first Clarence Fire Company was organized in March 1916 and was comprised of twenty-five members headed by the following officers. This group of men volunteered their services to protect the property of the citizens of Clarence against fire, and by means of subscription, were able to purchase the fire hall at the top of Academy Hill as well as a hand-drawn chemical fire-fighting wagon.

This fire-fighting wagon was requested by the Clarence Fire co. to be placed on their custom challenge coin that they commissioned us. They want it to be sculpted nicely, with all the details shown and carved on the coin’s base metal material. We used copper as the base material of the engraved fire-fighting wagon, so it’ll pop out nicely from the gunmetal-colored coin, without using paints and colors.

On the other side, they wanted an etched logo of the Clarence Fire Company painted with the original colors. And for the finishing touch, we thickened the edge of the coin and applied a simple line pattern to it.

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Finished Coin (Front)

clarence fire co challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

clarence fire co challenge coin back

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