Brewing Company Challenge Coin

Inland Wharf Brewing Co. is a veteran owned business which uses a balanced approach of modern brewing technology and good old fashioned hands-on labor. Its extraordinary beers are crafted and served via traditional and specialized methods, unique to each beer style. The time-honored brewing and serving methods followed by Inland Wharf Brewing Co. ensures the development of exceptional appearance, aroma, and flavors in both its Cask Conditioned Ales and it’s Draft Beers.

The design concept that makes this challenge coin to be unique and eye-catching, is that while the basic shape of the coin is just a rectangle, we made one of the side to be shaped organically that it gives the coin a whole new offbeat look. Other than that, we just needed to put the other details so they get along well as a whole design.

The brushed brass-colored metal gives the imposing overall look of this coin. The logotype engraved on one side of the coin is flawlessly executed, and the embossed & painted American flag on the other side give the coin a really nice and colorful accent. The ribbon put across the sides is a simple yet delicate finishing touch.

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Finished Coin (Front)

brewing challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

brewing challenge coin back

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