Ashland EMS Challenge Coin

Ashland Volunteer Rescue Squad (AVRS) is a non-profit organization designed to provide emergency medical transport and CPR/First Aid training to the community. The organization is operated by volunteers using donated money from the community, and supplemented by Hanover County funds. AVRS was the first rescue squad in Hanover County and falls under the umbrella of Hanover Fire and EMS.

When they commissioned the custom challenge coin design and production to us, they mentioned that they want something straightforward and elegant challenge coin. So whenever a client requests something like this, we know that we must emphasize the overall design of the coin on the material and basic layout. Nothing screams elegancy louder than a brushed brass with minimal paint on it. The rawness of a brushed metal with the boldness of uncarved surface really going to give this coin a vintage and exclusive look.

By observing the photos of the end result of the production, you can see that while the basic concept and look of this coin is simple with minimal engravings, the emblazoned logo and small insignias are perfectly executed that they become a beautiful accents of the design, and the incised pattern on the edge of the coin gives a bold and elegant expression.

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Finished Coin (Front)

ashland EMS Challenge Coin Front

Finished Coin (Back)

ashland EMS Challenge Coin back

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