Northwest Territorial Mint has long been one of largest producers of custom challenge coins in the United States. Unlike many challenge coin companies, which are run entirely by foreign owners in China or elsewhere, Northwest Territorial Mint hired and was run by Americans, just like Embleholics is. Unfortunately, what few people knew was that they were, in fact, a dishonest and fraudulent challenge coin company, one which stole the investments of numerous people. Embleholics is not like this, and we welcome the opportunity to earn the trust and business of any past customer who worked with Northwest Territorial Mint.

Among the activities that Northwest Territorial Mint engaged in were defrauding customers of their bullion, by claiming that customers’ bullion was stored at their facilities. In fact, no such storage existed, and any storage lockers were empty. Although Embleholics does not sell or otherwise engage in the trade of bullion, we are founded on the foremost ethical principles instilled in us by our time in the armed forces and are proudly a make challenge coins with integrity and excellence. With each customer we work with, whether we have worked with them on challenge coins before, or if they have come to us from other kinds of companies after having a poor experience, challenge coin companies such as Northwest Territorial Mint, we strive to bring a happy result to the challenge coins we make.

Our goal at Embleholics is to be the foremost, most trustworthy producer of custom challenge coins while being one of the few owned and run entirely by veterans, and service-connected veterans. When we heard about Northwest Territorial Mint and their situation, we knew that we wanted to reach out in the hopes that others see there are still people out there who are passionate and care greatly about making awesome challenge coins for our customers.

In addition to how we treat our customers, Embleholics also believe firmly in giving back to and support our community, something that other American challenge coin companies, Northwest Territorial Mint in particular but and others, clearly are not committed to. For example, every year, we donate 10% of our profits to helping local organizations in Washington, generally non-profits that support the well-being of veterans and military members. We have also committed to hiring only veterans, which we believe as someone who makes customs challenge coins, makes absolute sense given that challenge coins are a military tradition. No other challenge coin company, and especially not Northwest Territorial Mint, can make this claim. Embleholics simply is the only challenge coin company in existence that is comprised 100% of veterans.

Embleholics’ veteran team is extremely proud of our military pasts, the ethical values the military instilled within us, and our support of veteran organizations that give back to helping our brothers and sisters in need. When we work with a customer, Embleholics’ work is rooted first and foremost in these ethical values, particularly in treating every person fairly, operating with honesty and integrity and most of all, not stealing people’s money!

If you are like us, you may have been disappointed by the American challenge coin companies out there. We certainly were, and we also disappointed that some of the biggest, such as Northwest Territorial Mint, SimbaCal and our prices are almost always able to beat their prices. When you work with Embleholics on your challenge coins, you get personalized service since we are a small company. We are able to offer a great deal of flexibility in what we can do and what we can make for you, including highly customized challenge coins in all shapes, sizes, or functions. We will never market ourselves dishonestly like other challenge coin companies have, and will always do our very best to provide you with a product you’ll be proud to show off and have for years to come.

And best of all, you know that when working with Embleholics, you are supporting a veteran-owned business, and disabled veterans at that, in making a military tradition continue. When working with Embleholics instead of Northwest Territorial Mint on your challenge coins, the proceeds from our work together go 100% towards supporting the livelihoods of veterans through both employment and through our continued financial support of organizations that strive to improve military and veteran lives as well. No other challenge coin company does this, not Northwest Territorial Mint nobody.

Work with us today by filling out our quote form! Your work with us goes fully towards supporting the well-being of veterans rather than a corrupt Executive who cares for nothing except making an easy profit off of you. We guarantee our quality, and we guarantee your satisfaction when working with us! And best of all, you can feel assured that in a year, 3 years, or even 10 years down the road, we’ll still be here, ready to work with you once again on your next project, to make your coins shine! Break the mold with Embleholics!