Firefighter Coins: Meaning, Value, and Symbolism

Firefighters, also called Fireman or Firewoman, is one of the oldest professions in history. The first organized firefighters began in ancient Rome under the rule of Emperor Augustus, and prior to that, people found evidence of fire-fighting in ancient Egypt and ancient Greek. Throughout history, firefighters are always played an important role in the life of any community and nation.

And one of the ways people honor these brave people is by rewarding them with a challenge coin. A challenge coin is an exclusively designed coin that represents an organization or occasion. Being given a challenge coin symbolizes companionship or unity and proves membership of a certain group, as well as honoring the actions of those who receive them.

firefighter Maltese Cross Coin

What Are Firefighter Coins?

As a firefighter, having a challenge coin awarded is one of the greatest honors you can receive from the people you work with, fellow firefighters, or your commander from the Fire Department and Fire Station. These memorial pieces of metal are given to firefighters for going above and beyond in the line of duty.

What is the function of a firefighter challenge coin? A firefighter coin can be used for any of the following purposes, depending on its exclusive design:

Celebratory: Celebration firefighter coins honor a specific member of a brigade, department, or station. And also to celebrate an event in which they participate.

Initiation: Similarly, initiation firefighter coins distinguish when a fireman or firewoman was initiated to a specific brigade, department, or station.

The role of a firefighter challenge coin extends far beyond merely acclaiming an achievement or an event. Those who receive them may find themselves part of an exceptional community, and they represent unity amongst those who hold them.


What Do Firefighter Coin Symbols Mean?

There are some graphic representations that we can find on a firefighter coin. The symbolism of firefighter coins reflects the boundless values and attributes of a firefighter. Here are some symbols that you likely will find on a firefighter coin:

– Maltese Cross: The Maltese Cross is a symbol of protection and a badge of honor. The origin story of this symbol is taken from the Crusade story of the Knights of St. John, who fought the fire-wielding Saracens in the war. The Knights of St. John lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea named Malta, and the cross came to be known as the Maltese Cross.

– Bugle or Horn: Before people invented the radio, bugles were used to give orders and announcements about fires conveyed. Today, the bugle symbol is on fire department insignia for firefighter leaders.

– The Color Red: Red symbolizes the color of fire, symbolizing the profession that firefighters do. Red is also a glaring and notable color, thus used on firefighter’s trucks because it was known to be the best color to alert people of an incoming, speeding fire truck.

– Badge: Unlike other law enforcement professionals, firefighters are the only ones who can enter the home of citizens without a warrant or express permission. This is because firefighters arrive on the spot during emergencies, and citizens trust firefighters to protect them and their belongings whenever they are needed. The badge symbolizes first responders who will protect and secure a site.

– Firefighter Symbols: On a firefighter insignia, you are likely going to see an image of a ladder, hat, ax, or hydrant. These icons symbolize the scramble and the promise of a firefighter to be prepared to go on a moment’s notice.

Firefighter Custom Coins

Firefighters are most often considered the “bravest” of the first responders, and the images on their insignias represent their heroism, sacrifice, and bravery. The firefighter’s badge or insignia is an ultimate symbol of firefighters who respond in an emergency and protect citizens when in need.


What’s the Value of Firefighter Coins?

Nobody would value a firefighter’s coin the highest than the receiver. It represents the honor that you receive from their community and always has a special place in their hearts.

Every piece of the unique firefighter coin represents a firefighter’s history, legacy, bravery, and sacrifice in the line of duty. Any fire department insignia, from challenge coin to IAFF belt buckle, seal, and collar pin, is built on the same symbolism.

While firefighters will value the challenge coin beyond any currencies, a rare firefighter challenge coin could be worth quite a lot. In 2020, the Royal Australian Mint released a Colored Circulated Coin-in-Card to honor the bravery and sacrifice Australia’s firefighters made during the devastating bushfires of 2019-2020. But some coins were printed with the color “flame” on the wrong side, making them valuable. One of them sold online for more than US$4,000.

Fire Department Challenge Coin

Design Your Own Firefighter Challenge Coin

Nowadays, it’s never been easier to design your own firefighter challenge coin. Whether you need a custom design or you have one in mind, we will do our best to produce your firefighter coin with the highest quality your budget can afford. Most firefighter coins are 1.5” to 1.75” in size, but they can vary depending on your wishes. We designed and manufactured only the highest quality coins, using tried and true enameling techniques,

As an organization built with service and high values in mind, Embleholics understands the unique requirements of firefighter coins. Contact our professional, experienced team today to create a masonic coin designed specifically for your lodge or group. Each coin is made special, honoring your own history of service.

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