Custom Challenge Coin Artwork

We provide our customers with the best concept challenge coin artwork available, and it’s always made 100% unique to the needs of each customer. With this artwork the customer can see what their coins will look like and provide us with feedback about what they want changed. Utilizing a professional artist to create all of our designs is just another reason that Embleholics stands out from all the other challenge coin manufacturers.


Make Excellent Challenge Coin Artwork

Something that you can see from our previous artwork is that our custom challenge coins are unique in design. Our artwork is created by professional artists who have been designing challenge coins and other products for over 20 years.

Most challenge coin designers outsource their work to reduce costs. We think that the artwork for your coins are the most important aspect of a challenge coin. Because of this reason, 90% of the time we spend with each customer is on the artwork of the coin. In this way we can make something that is not only unique but is also professional and of very high quality.

Challenge coins have a long history of tradition within not only the military, but also police, firefighter, and civilian organizations. Embleholics wants to continue that tradition in a good light by making excellent challenge coins for our customers. When picking someone to work with we suggest that you look at other companies’ past artwork and past coins, and then compare their coins to our past work. You will be very amazed at how they don’t even come close to our professionally made challenge coins.

In addition to the high quality artwork that we provide our customers, you are allowed an unlimited amount of changes that you can make to your custom challenge coin artwork. We often spend weeks and sometimes even months working with our customers to make sure that their artwork looks great and is exactly what they want. You will work with our customer service representative who will then take your challenge coin artwork and relay any changes that need to be made by you or the designers. Once you are happy, we will take the final steps to start manufacturing your challenge coins.

Start working with Embleholics today and make not just good challenge coins, but excellent custom challenge coins!