Delta Air Lines Challenge Coins

Delta Air Lines Honoring Veterans

It takes creativity and some motivated veterans to make something special to help honor veterans’ service on Veterans Day. Every year, Delta Air Lines honors their 30,000 veteran employees and recognizes them for the service they’ve given to our country. Each Delta station does something different, and in 2017 Embleholics worked with two veterans at Delta Air Lines SEATAC station to create something unique and memorable to hand out to their SEATAC veterans at a banquet this year.  delta air lines challenge coins for veterans day

The front of the coin represents Delta Air Lines, with their logo emblazoned in the center and air wings, similar to military air wing symbols, surrounding their logo. The air wings and logo are both 3-d.

delta air lines challenge coins for veterans day

The back of the coin highlights all military branches, representing all of the armed forces Delta Air Lines veterans have served in. Behind the branch symbol is a waving American Flag, symbolizing our great country and the reason all people serve in the military.

Why Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are the perfect way to honor veterans for their service, and since veterans have had and continue to have a massive impact in virtually every company out there, challenge coins can help any organization or business corporation honor their veterans. Even aside from veterans, challenge coins help memorialize events, people, or projects within your organization. Challenge coins are a lasting memento that employees and clients will be sure to treasure and will serve as a long-lasting reminder for years to come.

Delta air lines front
Delta air lines back
Delta air lines

Get started making your own challenge coins today with Embleholics professional team of veterans.