COVID-19 is one of the worst health crises of all time. Since its emergence in December last year in Asia, the virus has spread across all continents except Antarctica. Until now, there are still people being infected and millions of lives come to an end at the hands of this deadly disease. Authorities had no choice but to impose several restrictions such as traveling and social gatherings worldwide in order to slow down the widespread.

One thing about the pandemic is that it has proved to be more than a health crisis because of its biting socio-economic impacts on those who have been affected (Liu et al., 2020). At the same time, the current COVID-19 pandemic has feigned all of the social aspects of life including political, and economic issues (Bruining et al., 2020). Many people have had the experience of dealing with the challenges and opportunities of working at home. For others, it has been a significant brawl due to the restrictions imposed by government officials to limit movement as a way of promoting safe practices. For some, it has been utter devastation with no hope. Some people and authorities do not know when normalcy will return. On a larger scale, small state islands whose economies significantly depend upon tourism have empty hotels and beaches that are deserted. This effect has tended to harm these countries in both social and economic aspects. COVID-19 also changed education systems globally. For one, remote classrooms are already on a roll. Teachers had to adapt to improvising as they learned how to teach their students online. At the same time, parents or guardians had to share the struggle as they have to guide their children through homeschooling or online schooling.

Token of Heroism

The pandemic has seemingly revealed instances of heroism by the emergence of individuals who have been providing ways of assisting those adversely affected by the virus (Sarzi-Puttini, 2020). In many instances, healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff are trying to sacrifice their time and lives in many ways. These actions are meant to help cater to the needs of those who have been affected by the virus. These actions have also helped to curb its spread worldwide. At the same time, other personnel such as transport authorities and workers, food vendors, and members of various security forces have also lent a helping hand. They do partner up with health care workers in offering their services which are essential in people’s daily lives as well as in protecting themselves. (Wójcik & Ioannou, 2020).

Even during this period of COVID-19, human nature still subsists- love, gratitude, and appreciation. For this reason, a different organizations such as community-based organizations and authorities around the world have been extending these to healthcare workers and other people for their significant dedication towards fighting the spread of COVID-19. To recognize their efforts, many individuals have resorted to the trend of “Custom Coin Challenges. “These coins are one of the ways of showing gratitude and appreciation to healthcare and essential workers. Hence, in support, many organizations and individuals have been ordering these challenge coins.

The COVID-19 challenge coins can be put in the pocket or in places to remind others that there are people who sacrifice their time and effort and care for everyone who needs their help. For those on the other end, healthcare workers may be reminded that there are still people who are willing to support them in their battle against this virus.

On an entirely different angle, the COVID-19 challenge coins also give homage to people who have been doing their part in preventing the spread of the virus. It shows appreciation to the companies and organizations that have allowed their employees to work remotely. At the same time, it is seen as a motivation for the workers who are working from their homes. In essence, the challenge coins also acknowledge and promote teamwork among members who may or may not be on the same team (i.e., the parent-teacher tandems who work with the common goal of ensuring proper education for the children). At the same time, it signifies that every person on this planet should unify to fight against the global health crisis.

While these COVID-19 challenge coins are named as such and are paid by various agents, individuals, and organizational entities, they are not, in any way official nor can they be used as a form of payment anywhere. However, the challenge coins may historically be featured as collectible pieces of recognition and appreciation. This aspect applies to those who fought to mitigate the spread of the virus and even sacrificed their lives. It is also memorabilia for everyone on how this pandemic has affected social lives around the world, and how significant challenges arose that hinder everyone from living their lives in normalcy.

However, these challenge coins are not without controversies. Since these usually undertake some delivery processes, there are concerns about whether or not it may promote the spread of the very virus that these healthcare workers are trying to curb. The manufacturers have already addressed these vexes are not something to truly be worried about. They have assured the public that the manufacturing and shipping processes involved follow stringent COVID-19-compliant laws and policies. They have reported partnering with top shipping companies that practice utmost care in package deliveries, and safety. These couriers offer surgical masks, sanitizers, and alcohol wipes both to their team members and vendors who come in contact with the packages.

In essence, the production of the challenge coins not only aims to honor healthcare workers and those who are part of the essential labors, but some had also put up fundraisers for them. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS), for one, is known for its dominant and relenting roles in transporting and giving first aids to people during emergencies. In honor of their departed comrades, one EMS organization has prepared fundraising activity by selling custom-designed challenge coins where each one retails for $30. Through the help of Facebook fan pages, they have spread the word about their campaigns and raise some funds by selling these coins to pay homage to some of their fallen brothers. The program concluded with the donation of the proceeds to the National Emergency Medical Services Memorial Services (NEMS).

Covid 19 challenge coins

Undoubtedly, the unsung heroes during this times are the healthcare workers. These group of health professionals who chose to continue providing quality healthcare to save others while risking their own lives. These people whose jobs and responsibilities extend further on patient care just to make room for all the people who need their services. Truly, not only the doctors and nurses but all the hospital staffs deserve to be appreciated and recognized. Without these modern-day heroes, there would be likely downfall of humanity.

The significance of the COVID-19 Challenge Coins in motivating the healthcare workers was undeniably apparent. These challenge coins have been used to help build team morale, strengthen support, and display exceptionality for healthcare workers who have shown immense sacrifices in decreasing the spread of the deadly virus. Furthermore, the COVID-19 Challenge Coins have been used to demonstrate a sense of pride and also a way of inspiring others into adopting togetherness.

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