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custom challenge coins

Custom challenge Coins

What is a challenge coin?

The idea of the challenge coin originates from WW1, where the first military pilots often had medallions associated with their squadrons. One pilot was downed in Germany. He escaped to France, and showed the squadron’s medallion to French soldiers in order prove he wasn’t an enemy soldier or spy. The French soldiers offered him a bottle of wine.

Thus started the tradition of the challenge coin, which has since become popular throughout the military and beyond. A challenge coin is a something someone gives to another for having done something great, such as:

  • Participation in an important ceremony or event
  • For having done great work in a task
  • As an informal award for promotion or service
  • For commemorating events
  • To commemorate your own promotion or retirement

Challenge Coin Rules

Challenge coins used to be small round coins, but have now grown into an array of differently and unique shaped coins in small and large sizes.

The challenge coin can be used by friends and military members to challenge each other to a round of drinks. When one person pulls out their coin, each other person must show their coin, or buy drinks for the others. If all of the other people pull out their coins, the first person must buy the drinks. Here are the rules:

  • Pull out your coin
  • If someone doesn’t have their coin, they buy the drinks
    • If more than one doesn’t, those people split
  • If all people present their coins, the first person buys
  • So keep your coin with you all the time!!!


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Custom Challenge Coins

Just Some of Our Past Custom Challenge Coins Customers

“The custom challenge coins look great.  I know the veterans will appreciate having them.”

Dallas Mavericks

“Lee was excellent to work with! I had a rush job for a very important anniversary for my job and after a few missteps on our part, Lee was able to provide quality custom challenge coins and beautiful display boxes in order to hit our deadline.”


“We got the custom challenge coins today and they are exactly what we wanted.  Thank you for your personal attention getting these made and to us.”

Space X


Get started making your custom challenge coins today!Challenge Coins


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