Mint Coins

When it comes to Mint coins, Embleholics makes the best. We have made mint coins for numerous organizations, even the Treasury Department itself!

Creating the perfect mint coins starts with the design process–how in-depth the design process is can often determine how good the mint coins will turn out. Thus, it is important to choose the right aspects of the coin to represent your organization. Things such as imagery, symbols, words, and any other information is important depending on your audience and who will be receiving the coin.

Next, you work with Embleholics’ artists on creating your design step by step using whatever you have to help make your mint coins look outstanding!

When working with our artists on your mint coins, we are one of the only challenge coin companies who allow you to make as many edits as are necessary to make your design perfect. After finalizing your design, Embleholics immediately sets to work on your mint coins and delivers them to you 4-5 weeks later.


Gorgeous Mint Coins


With these mint coins, we created an incredible and refined, professional look, perfect for a celebration or commemorative event. The front featured the organization’s logo and a celebration of their 100 year anniversary is on the back.

The outcome of these are incredible, and the customer was very happy with their mint coins. We went on to design lapel pins and keychains for this customer as well.

Contact us today through any of our forms and we will contact you within 24 hours to get started making your amazing coins! 


Challenge Coin Artwork

mint coins artwork

Finished Coin Front

mint coins front

Finished Coin Back

mint coins back

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