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Embleholics is the premier challenge coin company, and we confidently make some of the highest quality coins available anywhere. Request a quote from us today and we can get started on your coin design within 24 hours.

When it comes to working with a challenge coin company, several important considerations come to mind. The first is whether someone is even a legit business or is a scam. Another is whether they are veteran owned and operated, and whether they stand by their work. With these two, we believe it is important for a challenge coin company to be veteran or military affiliated in order to keep the true tradition alive, to not render it meaningless.

With standing by our work, that means we stand by what we make, and if it does not look like you wanted then we will try our best to correct the situation. We are a challenge coin company that stands by what we do, and we follow the same ethical principles and guidelines taught to us in theNavy.


The Best Challenge Coin Company


With this coin, the customer wanted to choose a challenge coin company that could meet his needs for a lot of detail and thought put into their coin. They wanted the coin to have a lot of important symbols related to their military command around it. On the front is a 10 painted like you would see on hull numbers on a ship. A 3D falcon with beautiful detail is the centerpiece, however.

On the rear it gets even more complex, with a map of the Great Lakes on a globe, with a gold star to mark the command’s location. An anchor, rating symbols, and words with a nice color contrast to round out the back of this design. As you can see with this coin’s outcome, we are the challenge coin company that you want to work for.

At 1.75″, this coin looks and feels traditional, and has a lot of symbolism that few outside their command would understand. Make your own detailed coin with Embleholics, the veteran challenge coin company.

Challenge Coin Artwork

challenge coin company artwork

Finished Coin Front

challenge coin company front

Finished Coin Back

challenge coin company back

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