Navy Supply Corps Challenge Coin


Improving on the Design

One of our goals with creating challenge coins is to improve on what is already provided. Often we see that a lot of different commands and groups don’t have high quality images for their logos and designs. We take what they already have created, improve on the vividness of the designs, and then create a high resolution image that can be used for any type of media. We then take that image and provide it for our customers free of charge, so that they can use it in the future for anything they may need. We personally use those images to make their coins, so we know that the quality of the image can be used for any type of media.

The supply challenge coin was one of these instances that the logo and design was out dated. We took what they already had and digitized the image which created the image to being a higher resolution and allowing us create an amazing challenge coin. We our professional artist and design team, this whole process can take less than a few hours, showing our customers not only a great looking graphic, but a sense of what their custom challenge coin will look like once its complete.


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