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We made this challenge coin bottle opener coin for the Puget Sound Navy Supply Corps Ball. The coin features the city of Seattle in the background along with an aircraft carrier, a small boy, and a submarine to celebrate all the different ships that take part in the supply community. With that we also added in the feature of the shipyard as Puget Sound is known for its shipyard features.

With all of our Navy ball challenge coin  we wanted to make this one special. The supply corps ball as well as any Navy ball is a special event that takes place once a year. People dress up in the best uniforms and sit down to celebrate the last year. They also often are given a item that is memorabilia that provides them a way to remember the last year and the event. Often these items are glasses that are collected for drinks, but they wanted to do something new this year.

We were asked to create the challenge coin in the shape of a bottle opener so that people could use the coin to open up their bottles. The coins mouth is just wide enough for the bottle to fit into it and open up with ease. We have created a number of bottle opener challenge coins in the past, so it wasn’t an issue to create coins in this shape or design.

With every design that we make we often like to fit the shape of the coin to feature a 3D type of effect with the coin. Since this was a very custom request, we had the features of Mount Rainier coming out of the top of the coin. The same feature was used on the backside of the challenge coin to feature the supply oak leaf extruding from the coin.

With the oak leafe we featured the 5 stars that make up the pillars of the supply corps. Most people will see the stars and not fully understand what they are, but with every challenge coin comes pride and tradition that are sometimes hidden.

The coin features gold coloring with a fine finish of silver on the sides. It features 3D designs of the mountains and features as well as the supply oak leafe finished with gold. The coin is full and heavy to make sure that the coin will hold up with use as it opens up future celebratory bottles.  Start making custom challenge coins today.