Challenge Coins for Less

Embleholics’ informal motto is challenge coin for less. We eat, drink, and sleep that idea. It embodies who we are, and it makes us happy to create awesome challenge coins for as many people that we can.

These particular challenge coins for less were requested by a person who worked with customs and border protection at an airport. The coins were for fellow employees at this particular airport. The customer wanted some challenge coins for less that would still look nice and last for a long time. The customer worked with our artists on a design and this is the resulting coin that we came up with after a good amount of working together. Thankfully, we allow as many challenge coins for less design changes in order to get it just right.

On the front of their challenge coins for less we put a 3D eagle with 3D wave effects, a partially 3D bridge, and a few other images, seals, and words set upon a badge shape for the coin. If you look closely, you can see that the eagle’s talons are gripping the bridge, a beautiful extra detail.

The back of this customers coin three awesome looking planes flying into the airport over the bridge. Also on the back we can see the 3D cloud textures in there. With the shape, choice of gold, the artistry showing the planes coming towards us, and the hidden details such as badge number and airport codes, these challenge coins for less coin look incredible.


Custom Challenge Coins For Less


We make the greatest challenge coins for less available anywhere, and we stand by that claim. Our artists have created products for over 15 years, including coins, lapel pins, and any other kinds of products. We are completely veteran owned and operated and have worked with military, government, nonprofit, and corporations to create hundreds of different challenge coins for less designs.

Request a quote from us and we will start making your design as quickly as today or tomorrow! Embleholics strives to be the best challenge coin company anywhere.

Challenge Coin Artwork

Challenge Coins for Less Artwork

Finished Coin Front

challenge coin

Finished Coin Back

Challenge Coins for Less Back

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