Firefighter Custom Challenge Coins

Firefighters spend their time giving back to the community in almost everything they do, helping all us keep safe in case of fire or medical emergency. They also like to give out coins. Firefighter challenge coins are unique in that they have used a military tradition and made it their own. We have designed dozens of firefighter challenge coins and they have grown to look incredible and unique, very distinct from those of the military. We love to work with and support firefighters because they are spreading an amazing tradition of firefighter custom challenge coins.

With this firefighter custom challenge coin we designed something that would represent the firefighting community by really illustrating the fire truck as well as the area of where this battalion is located. The customer provided us with a basic illustration and we were able to create a simple but also unique design, featuring their fire truck on the front and some scenery where they fought fires at. On the back you can see some important fire locations this Battalion fought. If you have an important truck or building, as many firefighters do, we have a track record of replicating it exactly on your coin.

Embleholics makes firefighter and fire station challenge coins. We have made coins for entire departments, unions, fire museums and memorials, and various fire rescue teams and operations. We create for our customers unique and affordable challenge coins and strive to give them the best price available as a challenge coin manufacturer. We make sure that our customers are happy with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy. We are also veteran owned and operated.

Challenge Coin Artwork

firefighter custom challenge coins Battalion 6 Firefighter challenge coin artwork

Finished Coin Front

firefighter custom challenge coins Battalion 6 Firefighter challenge coin front

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