When we work with our customers, our number one goal is to make them as happy as we possibly can. When people who work with us on their challenge coin, keychain, or lapel pins project, we are happiest when they are happy.

We worked with the Texas Water Utilities Association on a set of challenge coins which represented their 100th Anniversary. When they wanted keychains and lapel pins, we gladly added those on for them even though we specialize in challenge coins. As you can see, their keychains turned out looking amazing and we confidently offer keychains in a variety of options to anyone who wants them.

When it comes to making great keychains, the most important part, like for any other product, is making sure the design looks great. Since most customers who make keychains also make other products or have their own logo, this generally isn’t a big matter but we offer design services for your custom keychains using our professional artist studio.


Unique Keychains


Our customer specifically wanted hefty feeling keychains, and these ones fit the bill. They will surely stand out in any setting, be it a set of keys or hanging it up for display somewhere. We sent them a set of samples to choose from and this one turned out to be the right fit for them.

After you start creating your keychains with us, we can also make sure we get you the right style by either sending out some samples or by you pointing to us an another type of style and us trying to replicate the style of it.

Embleholics is a 100% veteran owned and operated challenge coin company that prides itself on making amazing keychains for our customers. Start working with us and get your keychains delivered to you in as little as 2-3 weeks. 

keychain artwork
challenge coin
challenge coin

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