2017 Veteran Scholarship

Giving Back to Veterans and Their Families

Last Day to Apply

November 15th 2017








Current Scholarship Amount

At the start of the application the scholarship is set to $500 dollars. As more applications apply to the scholarship we may increase this amount or select additional winners at the end of the selection process.

About the Scholarship 

We are a small business that makes custom challenge coins and other products for people. We are Navy veterans and also love giving back to our country and those who have served as well. Which is why we decided to create this scholarship—so we can share our success and help others to find their own success in life. This scholarship is a way for us to do that.

The scholarship is for veterans or any person, and is meant to help a few people every years think about how they could improve their lives and then give them some money to do so. You simply tell us a little about yourself following our brief rules, and we award our first scholarship in January. Thank you for visiting and we hope you apply for our scholarship!


Who May Apply:
Anyone. Although we are encouraging veterans especially as we are veterans and that is an important part of our lives and our business.

Restrictions on Use:
We make our selections based on how you say the money will improve your life, so we require you to use the money for that stated purpose, no other.

Video/Essay Requirements:
1. A link to www.embleholics.com in the post or video description.
2. The essay or video must be posted to an independent blog or news website. Many of these websites, even of big name companies, accept submissions from the public.
3. Your video or essay must involve talking how you want to use our scholarship to improve your life and well being.
4. You must also submit the brief application through our website so we can have you in our system in order to assess your post and make a decision.

We will make preliminary decisions by December 15th, 2017, and final decisions January 15, 2018. The award will be sent via check in the mail once we notify the winner.

We will contact you regarding the application through email. Please contact us if you have any questions about your application through our contact us page.

How To Apply
  1. Write a 500-1000 word essay on how you would use the scholarship to improve your life or other people’s lives. If you are a veteran or related to a veteran, talk about how that has impacted your life. You may also make a YouTube video and in the video discuss those same reasons.
  2. At the end of the essay or in the description of the video, you are required to include a link to our website as www.embleholics.com
  3. Post the YouTube video or article on an independent website or blog. (Facebook is not accepted)
  4. Visit www.embleholics.com/scholarship and fill out the application form.
  5. Once we verify your article we will email you to let you know we have verified your information.
  6. We will select 3-5 top contenders on December 15th 2017 and will notify those individuals..
  7. We will make our final selection on January 15th 2018.
Scholarship Learn More

Please fill out the form below to apply.

  • Website link where article or video for the scholarship is posted.
  • Information provided to Embleholics will not be shared and is only used to contact the individual for scholarship reasons.

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