Army Commanders Coin

One of the biggest sources of challenge coins is the United States Army. The Army commanders coin have been used as a means of rewarding their troops for a job well done as well as for building camaraderie between each other.  The Army depends greatly on the interaction and cohesiveness between its troops, and Army commander coins give them an additional tool to build those interactions.

Commanders Coin History

The history of commanders coins start over 100 years ago with World War I and the pilots that flew the aircraft during that time. Unknown to most, pilots of that time used to fly for the Army. It is for that reason that challenge coins originated with the Army and they continue to make challenge coins to this day. Every day we see amazing men and women of the Army receive their commanders coins with pride and remembrance of why they serve and how they served honorably.

Commanders Coins are given today by the commanding officer of a unit. They are often presented to a service member for an excellent job well done, or for an award for doing something outstanding such as reenlisting or retiring. Often the commander makes his or her own coin in a way that represents that specific person so that when they are given to the service member, they can remember who and why they received them. Commanders coins also change over time and can represent celebrations such as a 100 year mark in the history of a unit or a specific event that took place. Commanders coins for this reason have a number of uses and are not limited to just a standard award that people may receive.

Commanders coins are not only given to military members but also provided to civilians for visiting the command or performing actions that support that specific unit. They are also given to VIP’s such as governors or guest speakers that may visit the Army base at a time. Civilians often collect the commanders coins over years and some display them in high quality wood boxes or shadow boxes made specifically for the commanders coins.

Not only does the Army make commander’s coins, they make extremely high quality coins. Embleholics serves the military and the armed forces by providing challenge coins of the highest standards to troops.  We understand what it means to serve our country and that is why we spend so much time serving our customers when it comes to providing them the best service possible. We also make sure that we are the experts in our field when it comes to making a high quality commander’s coin for the Army, because the Army expect great work. Embleholics strives to create unique and amazing looking Army commanders coins for each and every customer.

Giving Back

Embleholics doesn’t just make great coins; we also give back to the military and Army community by donating a portion of our profits to nonprofits serving military, veterans, and their families.  We provide support to the which provides funding to disabled veterans. We also support Wounded Wear which provides 89% of their total funding to support disabled military veterans. No matter who we support with our donations, you can expect that they meet the same high standards that our company does for our customers.

Army commanders coins are a kind of memorabilia that we at Embleholics are proud to make. We are proud to provide our fellow servicemen with something that the troops will continue to use and remember.

Army Airborne Commanders Coin

Commanders Coin

Army Commanders Coin

Commanders Coin

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