Supply Corps Challenge CoinOver the last few months I have been working on new concepts for coins and military coins that will better reach the average consumer. Sure it’s great to make coins for people who need them and to see their faces light up when you give them the finished product, but just like many of you I also like making my own coins from start to finish. So what does that mean for our business and the direction that we are moving in? It just means more creativity and more coins.

Thanks to many people who have helped us along the way, we are now able to expand and make our own line of coins. Many of you see coins on websites and coins from your friends, but challenge coins in general are kind of stuck to the military. I think that’s really a sad thing because I have had the chance to show others what challenge coins are, the tradition of challenging a friend and the history of the challenge coins. What I have found, people really think that’s a neat thing. They enjoy hearing about military traditions and when you get down to it, it’s nice to be able to pass a tradition on to someone who will also pass it on to someone else. What am I getting at? Well let me explain a little.

“it’s nice to be able to pass a tradition on to someone who will also pass it on to someone else.”

Since I have started to build this business I have sent a lot of challenge coins out to people who are in the military and who used to be in the military. Every time I came into the post office I would say hello and show the lady at the counter A Challenge Coin For The Holidaysthe new coins that I had made. Sometimes I would give her some that I personally made and not really think anything of it, but just glad to be excited about seeing her reaction when she received her coins. I would sometimes give other people coins as well when I came in to the office and soon people were asking me for more coins. When it comes down to it, though people don’t fully understand it, deep down inside coins are a huge part of our lives. We see them as money and automatically think that something that is round and made of metal is important to us. Challenge coins are important because they are worth more than money in some cases. They are very personal and often very colorful and expressive of something that we care about. We also give them as gifts to people often not expecting anything back in return. They are honestly a great way to just say thank you to someone you care about.

My goal in my business is to create something that others outside the military can understand and see our tradition as not just a military tradition but a tradition of the people. I think that it’s something that a lot of people can share and not just grownups.

When I was visiting my family this thanksgiving I also got to visit all my sisters’ kids. When I say KIDS I mean KIDS. I have two sisters and one of them has six kids all to herself, so that’s a lot of kids. I had brought some of my coins with me to give to them as gifts. I am not sure if it was the wrong thing to do because when I showed them the coins, they freaked out. It started much like a wild animal. The eyes of the children got big, the claws came out, and next thing you know I am being attacked by the wild beasts. They took all my coins and left me for dead… well not really. One thing I learned from the experience is that children are crazy, and they love challenge coins.

Now many of you are always thinking about the holiday time and what you should get people. There are the hard to buy for people and then there are the people that just want a gift card because they don’t even know what they want. Well I have found that challenge coins are one of the best ways to get a present for someone because it will last in their memory for a long time. I have had request for coins for family crests and other family related items. They are using them as in place of cards to show people their family is thinking about them while they are away for the holidays, or just to give to a friend for a thank you. Challenge coins are also the ultimate stocking suffers.

“to make custom challenge coins is one of the best ways to give a gift that will last in their memory for a long time”

With Christmas on its way and the production of challenge coins coming to a end for this year, its still not too late to get some great coins for the future. If you do decide to work with me and my business to make some coins for your family, friends, or business, just be as creative as possible. No one wants to make something that you won’t be proud of, and I enjoy making complex and amazing new products for people.

Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to making some great coins for all of you in the future.