Custom Challenge Coins and Sports Team Supporters

National known sports teams have started to use challenge coins as a way to give back to service members who attend their military appreciation day events. These events help raise money for military members in need and special groups the support the military like the Wounded Warrior Project, USO, and the Pat Tillman Foundation. Currently the NFL also supports military members with a Salute to Service events. These events  continues to raise money for various organizations and supports events that take place during Veterans Day every year.12th Man Challenge Coin In past events MLB sports teams like the Mariners have allowed for the commissioning of a challenge coin that featured the team’s logo on one side and the event’s sponsor on the other side.  Challenge coins have been a great way to show the collaboration between the sports teams and their sponsors for the combined goal of honoring service members.  Each year a new coin is commissioned and given to the service members showing the communities support for these events. Often military members collect these coins for a number of years displaying them on their challenge coin racks or display them around their work centers or in their homes.

Custom Challenge Coin History

Guardians of the Galaxy Challenge Coin

Guardians of the Galaxy Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are given to service members because of the long tradition that comes with the coins. The tradition arose over 100 years ago when a military pilot was shot down in the line of fire during a battle in World War I. When the pilot was captured they had nothing to identify themselves with and were believed to be an enemy spy by the French. Once sentenced to death the pilot showed his executioners his coin that he had received from his unit. The executioners recognized the unit’s symbol on the coin and allowed the pilot to have time to clear his name. The pilot was able to show his true identity and was released. Since then challenge coins have been given to those who serve in a military organization as another way to identify with their community.

Since their start, custom challenge coins have been expanded into many different areas of the professional environment. They have been provided to those who buy video games like Call of Duty. Challenge coins have also been provided to movie production teams and TV show crews, such as Breaking Bad and Guardians of the Galaxy.  With all the different challenge coins being used throughout civilian organizations, there is no better way to continue the challenge coin tradition then by giving them to the men and women of the armed forces.

Our Support to Service

Embleholics hopes to continue the military tradition and help those who want to say thank you for their armed service by continuing to make affordable and quality custom challenge coins for sports teams and events. We believe in the tradition of the challenge coin and what it stands for. As veterans ourselves, we understand what it means to hold a challenge coin and the importance to support the non-profit organizations that maintain that support for our military. We look forward to working with future sports teams and allowing them to show their appreciation and continue their support for the military.