USS Nimitz Command Coin


A Unique Design

With this coin we wanted to do something different. We wanted to take the standard command coin and turn it into something that people would look at and automatically desire.  This would require an intense 3D design, a custom cut out look, and design that incorporated symbolism and organizations into each feature.

We took the Nimitz 5 stars for being a Fleet Admiral and incorporated it to the outside of the coin. It shows the cutout as being the edge of the coin. We can also see that the ship in the center of the coin is riding on waves that are oak leafs which represents the supply chain management required in order to make the ship move forward. We also included the different aircraft on the front of the coin and included the helo flying off in the distance. All of these features come out of the coin at a staggering height, giving the coin a dynamic feel. You can also see this same design and attention to detail on the back side of the coin, where we incorporated the jets and aircraft taking the place of the 5 stars, so that both sides are unique and also follow the same format.

Overall this coin took a lot of work to make and design, but overall it was worth it and our customers were extremely happy. This coin will go on to be one of the ships favorite and many crew members will keep this custom challenge coin for years to come.

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