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Sports Challenge Coin

We reached out to the Dallas Mavericks to make their challenge coin for their team. We wanted to do so because we knew that the Dallas Mavericks support military members and veterans.

When we created their coin they gave us total control over the design. They provided us the logo for the team and we went to work to create a way that the coin would work to come out as professional but also something that was cool and unique. With that we designed the front of the coin to feature their logo and the back of the coin to be more directed to the basketball sports fan.

The back of the coin features the city skyline of Dallas Texas with the features of a basketball in the background. The background is 3D and pops out of the coin with a texture that resembles a basketball.

We provide the coins to the team to give out to their military veterans and organizations that support the Dallas Mavericks.

Embleholics makes custom challenge coins for organizations that support military veterans and military members. We have made many different kinds of coins for companies, military units, and nonprofit organizations. We strive to produce the most unique and detailed coins available today and can turn customers simple designs into complex and amazing 3D challenge coins.

Start working with us today to create some of your own custom challenge coins. We guarantee the best price for our customers and customer satisfaction.