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Navy challenge coin uss nimitz

Navy Challenge Coin

The USS Nimitz is an aircraft carrier that has been serving the country or over 40 years. This year was its 40th year anniversary and the Nimitz crew wanted to have a challenge coin made to celebrate the anniversary.

When we came to design the custom challenge coin they wanted something that was original and provided us some ideas. They wanted to include the aviation community that supports their mission as well as the ship to be located on the front. They also wanted to include their battle flag on the back of the coin. Since we knew that the Nimitz was the first ship to have the flight of the F-32 we wanted to include that on the coin as well.

If you look at the back of the coin you will see that we included all the different types of aircraft that are on the Nimitz including the F-35. We also included the ship in the center flowing with 3D features so that it pops out of the coin. We also included the 40th year anniversary so that the crew understood what the coin was for. On top of that we made the coin to included the ships slogan which was important to the team to have. You will also see in the coin five stars which represents fleet admiral Nimitz who the ships is named after.

The coin features many unique features which include 3D aspects that you don’t normally see in a challenge coin. We also made the coin have a number of different plating options which bring out some of the design and even included painted elements which is unique in most challenge coins. This elegant challenge coin is one of a kind.

Embleholics makes custom challenge coins which are unique to each customer. No matter how complex your design is or how many changes in the design it takes to get it right, we are ready to work with you. We care about our customers and because of that we strive to create the best coins on the internet which also means making our customers the best artwork. As you can see with the Nimitz 40th anniversary coin, we make high quality and affordable challenge coins for our customers. We strive to be the best. Start making your challenge coins today.