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Embleholics makes law enforcement challenge coins and police challenge coins that are exceptional. We have worked with a number of police units and law enforcement organizations to make them thousands of coins that are uniquely shaped and designed with care by our professional artists. If you are looking for a unique challenge coin for your unit or organization, we are ready to work with you.


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law enforcement challenge coins

Support Law Enforcement

Embleholics was asked to make this challenge coin for the federal bureau of prisons which is a large agency and supports the prison system. Many service members who get out of the military start to work with the federal bureau of prisons because of their military history of security and law enforcement. Its because of that that many of the members in this organization know what challenge coins are.

With this design we wanted to represent the building in which the member who commissioned this work currently works at. We also provide the design with the slogan of the organization. The coin also contains the seal of the organization the back side of the coin.

Though the coin doesn’t have a unique design in the shape, we did include the rope like finish on the edge of the coin. This makes the coin have a more 3D effect to it and a unique feel. The coin is hand painted in specific areas and also has a gold and silver finish to make it have an elegant design.