Fort Worth Challenge Coin

The Design

We designed this coin for a group of police officers in the Fort Worth area. We wanted to make something unique in the sense that the logo was improved and also the colors shown to represent the culture of the area. Texas is a huge part of peoples lives that are from Fort Worth, and you can seem those features strongly represented in this custom challenge coin.

When we designed this coin we wanted to make sure to meet the customers wishes of having a professional look but also having the freedom of design. When you look at this coin you can see the elegance and symbolism that represents our customer and the colors were brave and present in each area. We then repeated this process for each additional coin manufactured.

Overall the challenge coin turned out to be an impressive design.

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Start working on your own custom challenge coin today, and see what our professional artist and challenge coin designers can make for you. We take our design process seriously and make our customers truly unique and custom made challenge coins that are like no other. When we make a coin, we create to impress not only our customers but also those who receive their coins from our customers.

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