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A Heavy Duty Coin

With this coin we really wanted to see how far we could take our heavy duty coins and make something that is solid. This coin we decided to make with a high quality copper as include our professional packaging option that we feature for some store quality products.

The coin is based on the Don’t Tread on Me flag as well as a combination between the American flag. On the back side we feature some of the Chief Petty Officer ranks as well as engraving on the side to include motivational quotes.

Ultimately the coin shows the dynamic ability of our coin design process and what we can do for our customers.


Create Your Own

Start working on your own custom challenge coin today, and see what our professional artist and challenge coin designers can make for you. We take our design process seriously and make our customers truly unique and custom made challenge coins that are like no other. When we make a coin, we create to impress not only our customers but also those who receive their coins from our customers.