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Fire Fighter Challenge Coins


More and more firefighters and services type organizations are starting to create their own challenge coins. We were contacted to make one of the challenge coins for the Chicago Fire Department. We wanted to make something that would be unique to them and also professional in the design.

When they reached out they provided us some of their own custom artwork, but they wanted it changed up and to have a unique more clear design. We provided them exactly what they wanted and then we started the production of their coin.

Overall their coin turned out great and they were very happy with the design, feel, and customer support that they received during the whole process.

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Start working on your own custom challenge coin today, and see what our professional artist and challenge coin designers can make for you. We take our design process seriously and make our customers truly unique and custom made challenge coins that are like no other. When we make a coin, we create to impress not only our customers but also those who receive their coins from our customers.