Police challenge coins

Police Challenge Coins

When it comes to making police challenge coins, we make the best available. We make all of our artwork from scratch and can take any design that you have and turn it into a coin that will surprise and amaze. Don’t have any artwork? That’s fine, send us some ideas that you would want on your police challenge coins and we will go from there.

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Police Challenge Coins

We at Embleholics are proud to serve the law enforcement community by making quality police officer challenge coins for their units and departments. Our challenge coin professionals are experienced in designing police force coins, creating unique and custom artwork for each of their coins. We want to make something that police officers are proud to show other police officers, families, and friends. From retirements to promotions, to unit award citations, our challenge coin professionals are ready to support your needs.

Our team is dedicated to providing our customers the best experience possible. We provide an easy to understand system that takes our customer’s vision and turns it into reality. We answer any questions along the way and provide you quick support and modifications to your artwork. We offer the best challenge coin customer service on the internet.

Still not satisfied? Check out our past challenge coins and see some of the incredible designs that we have come up with. We make our challenge coins in bottle opener shapes and custom 3D designs. We can make your coin look and feel like anything that you would like. Get started today and make yourself some amazing police challenge coins.

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