Navy Challenge Coins



Navy Challenge Coins

Navy challenge coins have been used to build relationships between departments, divisions, and units. Often Navy personnel makes different challenge coins for every new ship commissioned and specific groups inside of the ship. Recently challenge coins have been expanded out into different areas of the Navy including the aviation community and smaller organizations. For deployments and special events, challenge coins have been used to motivate crews and squadrons by providing them with a collectible item that can be traded or given as gifts.

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Embleholics Custom Challenge Coins

Navy Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a long lasting tradition in the Navy and military. Navy Chief Petty Officers have used custom challenge coins to welcome new members into the Chief Mess, as well as complete their induction period. These coins are often inscribed with the Chief’s name as well as the year in which they became a Chief Petty Officer and were welcomed to the Goat Locker.

Naval Officers have also been known to make their own challenge coins to represent them gaining rank, or having a special position in a command. They often provide their challenge coin to the crew in recognition of a job well done, or a reenlistment.

Embleholics has made a number of different military challenge coins, especially for the Navy. We take pride in making coins for the Navy because of our active duty background and expertise in the Navy and military culture. Challenge coins are more than just a coin; they are the symbolism and culture that is important to the organization that they represent.

Our coins can be shipped to any location around the world

We know the importance of getting your coins as fast as possible, especially when you are out to sea or on deployment. Thanks to our diverse logistical background, our team can design your custom coins and send them to any location around the world quickly and safely. When you choose to work with us you not only are working with the best customer service team when it comes to making custom challenge coins, you are also working with professional designers that know what they are doing. We beat the community standard when it comes to making coins for our customers, because we take our time and put significant effort into making something unique and truly tailor-made for our customers. We make nothing but excellent coins for Chiefs, Officers, Squadrons, Divisions, Departments, and Ships.

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