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World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation

World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation

World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation

Recently we helped create a challenge coin for a non-profit organization called the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation. Having a long name is not the only thing that this organization does well. They also help people bring awareness and also money to helping stop breast cancer. Motor sports enthusiasts are avid about helping people and this organization does that well.

The foundation is based on the motor sports industry and they travel around with their awesome custom cars and community that is made of great people. They attend drag races, car shows, motorcycle expos, truck shows, NASCAR style events, Moto Cross events, H1 hydroplane events, and parades with their custom truck. Overall you may see them at one of the events you attend in the future.

You can also go to their website to learn more about their program and what they are doing.

Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard


He made the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation to bring awareness to breast cancer and to save those who have it. He is an excellent human being who has gone out of his way and dedicated his time to a positive cause in the world.

Embleholics wanted to support this organization as they had reached out to us to make them a challenge coin. Rather than charge them the full price we offered them an at production price option which saved them a lot of money. We cant always donate coins to everyone who needs help or would like to raise money for their events, but we can support non-profits by doing the work for free. With that they can use the extra money that we would normally make off the profits and use it for their fundraising.

If you are an organization that would like some challenge coins made and represent a non-profit, we would be glad to work with you. We can’t grantee that we can supply our service for free for everyone who contacts us, but we will do our best to help out your foundation or organization in some way. We care about our community and are here to help when at all possible.

Selling Challenge Coins Okay?

Selling Challenge Coins Okay?

We spend a lot of our time looking at challenge coins on the internet and one thing is for sure, there is a lot of them. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are complex and some have more simple designs. They may even be so different from a normal coin that is can be difficult to classify them as a challenge coin. Who’s to judge?

One thing that we sometimes do cringe at is the amount of custom coins being made out there and sold for profit. We always thought that challenge coins should be earned or they should least promote a good cause or event. Sometimes we see coins being sold on Facebook as presales where the seller obviously put as little work as possible into their design and selling their coins for $20 each.

It is not our place to judge people on what they do with their coins or how they design them, but we do sometimes look down at those who don’t put any effort at least in designing a good coin. There is something almost sacred about forging a coin with a design in it and we believe it should be quality. Unfortunately some people disagree.

What do you think? Is it okay to sell challenge coins for profit? Why or why not…

USO Challenge Coin

USO Challenge Coin

USO Challenge Coin

We recently had the great pleasure of working with the USO in designing their 75th anniversary USO challenge coin. With this design we also created collector boxes which each coin was presented in. The boxes had the USO updated logo inside so that when the customer opened the box it they would see the logo and the coin.


Embleholics was excellent to work with! I had a rush job for a very important anniversary for my job and after a few missteps on our part, they was able to provide a quality Challenge Coin and beautiful display boxes in order to hit our deadline.

Rachel Feinberg

Marketing and Communications Associate at USO of Illinois, USO

The USO challenge coin features the state of Illinois as well as the American flag flying in the background. It also includes stars on the back side of the coin that represent the logo. Overall the coin was a great addition to the USO’s collection of challenge coins, and a wonderful project for Embleholics to work on.

Embleholics helps military organizations and organizations that support military with manufacturing them custom challenge coins. We often make challenge coins for non-profit organizations for discounted rates or for free to support their cause. We also donate portions of our profits to veteran based non-profits to help with their funding.

If you represent a non-profit organization please contact us and we will see if we are able to support you with a free set of challenge coins, or at least make them for you at a discounted rate. We currently list the organizations that we have supported in the past and would be glad to help you bring awareness to your organization by listing your site there, or to provide you products to help advertise your mission.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with other non-profit organizations in the future. We strive to give our customers and those who support veterans the best experience possible and the highest quality challenge coins on the market.

The Story of Making Great Custom Challenge Coins

The Story of Making Great Custom Challenge Coins

My First of Many Great Challenge Coins

I received my first of many great challenge coins at my first unit. There is one day during my time in the military that I will never forget. I was working hard to clean my assigned area at the base. As I was scrubbing off the dirt from the day, my Commanding Officer approached. He placed in my hand my first custom challenge coin, looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and walked off. There was no big ceremony, no applause, and no band playing, but it was one moment in my military career that symbolized all of my effort and hard work. Even though it was almost 11 years ago, the firm handshake communicated a level of respect and honor that meant more to me than almost any previous moment. Receiving that first great challenge coin really was the start of my fascination and eventual strive to produce great challenge coins for others.

How I got Involved

Jimmy Fallons Great Challenge Coins

Embleholic’s Coin on The Tonights Show

Over the years, I got involved in various businesses and always tried to continue to bring the old traditions with me everywhere I went. Even though I have been involved with businesses since the age of 15, my goal with each one was to make something that would improve the lives of others. Some of these businesses took off and Embleholics and our challenge coins even got me on The Tonight’s Show. Most of my success comes from the lessons I learned at the military and specifically that moment of receiving my challenge coin. This moment would be particularly important for the business I have now.

Years went by, and I collected an assortment of custom challenge coins. These coins mean so much, yet the problem I saw from many challenge coin manufactures is that they didn’t put nearly as much care, effort, and quality into each and every coin. They didn’t understand how symbolic the coins were, and that came through in each final product. I couldn’t help but think of my own moment with each new coin I received. I felt that this was a disservice to both the person receiving the coin and also the history of the coins when they were not made with the highest quality and care. My time throughout the military taught me the importance of details, and I wanted coins that reflected these values. The impact on my life from receiving that coin is the main reason I started my business and my drive to make great challenge coins for our customers. I set out to make sure the coins were of the highest quality so they would match the importance and symbolism of the moment.

Great challenge coin

World War I Pilot

The History of Great Challenge Coins

While there is some history of custom challenge coins being created during the Roman Empire, they became a mark of honor in America mainly during World War I. A young pilot had a medallion in a pouch around his neck that kept him alive. He had landed in German territory and was taken as a prisoner. He escaped during a bombing and the only thing he had on his body was his medallion. The French were prepared to execute him, except one soldier recognized the insignia on it, so the execution was called off. Essentially, the coin he had changed his life. Quickly after, many more squads chose to carry coins as a sign of recognition and honor. There are also stories during World War II for soldiers to ask to see a medallion to confirm the identity of the person they were talking to. Soldiers realized that people could easily lie about their identity, but it would be much harder to fake a particular coin.

What Great Challenge Coins are Today

While challenge coins are huge in the military, they are now also used for other branches, firefighters, law enforcement, along with various awards, groups, and gifts. Each coin represents an achievement, a sign of respect, or a symbolic badge of honor. This is why I felt it was so important to make high quality coins, because these are not small moments in someone’s life. The true heart of my challenge coin company, Embleholics, is based on honoring the importance of the moment and the traditions that come with it. I wanted a business that also reflected the values I learned from the military. I wanted a business that cared about each individual customer, focused on being efficient, produced high quality results, and also continues to give back. Embleholics gives back to both the USO and, which supports military, veterans, and their families. This makes us not only a great challenge coin manufacture but a great business.

Great challenge coin

Quality Challenge Coin

 Embleholics’ Mission Statement

My goal in creating Embleholics was to create a business that had the same attention to detail and high quality that my custom coins have. I didn’t just want a high quality product, I wanted a high quality business as well. Each of our custom challenge coin has the potential to impact others lives just like my first coin did for me. This is why my customers stay with my business: you can’t compete with the heart and soul I put into each and every coin. I believe the true heart of a business owner is willing to learn and put their heart into the product, the business, the customers, and the employees. I maintain this standard for myself every single day. Honor and traditions aren’t just important for the military, they are also important for our every day life. A tradition such as a challenge coin should be continued, because big events deserve to be celebrated and always remembered. After Embleholics was founded in 2014, I focused on connecting with businesses and military members that felt the same root of honor and traditions as I did.

The Challenge Coin Tradition Continued

I have always felt that traditions are an important part of not only business but also life. Great traditions in my mind include the handshake, staying true to your word, and producing quality work. These were the same traditions I made sure to bring to every aspect of Embleholics and our custom challenge coins.


You can read more about Lee Adams and Embleholics mission to its customers and partners here.

Salute to the Military

Salute to the Military

Custom Challenge Coins and Sports Team Supporters

National known sports teams have started to use challenge coins as a way to give back to service members who attend their military appreciation day events. These events help raise money for military members in need and special groups the support the military like the Wounded Warrior Project, USO, and the Pat Tillman Foundation. Currently the NFL also supports military members with a Salute to Service events. These events  continues to raise money for various organizations and supports events that take place during Veterans Day every year.12th Man Challenge Coin In past events MLB sports teams like the Mariners have allowed for the commissioning of a challenge coin that featured the team’s logo on one side and the event’s sponsor on the other side.  Challenge coins have been a great way to show the collaboration between the sports teams and their sponsors for the combined goal of honoring service members.  Each year a new coin is commissioned and given to the service members showing the communities support for these events. Often military members collect these coins for a number of years displaying them on their challenge coin racks or display them around their work centers or in their homes.

Custom Challenge Coin History

Guardians of the Galaxy Challenge Coin

Guardians of the Galaxy Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are given to service members because of the long tradition that comes with the coins. The tradition arose over 100 years ago when a military pilot was shot down in the line of fire during a battle in World War I. When the pilot was captured they had nothing to identify themselves with and were believed to be an enemy spy by the French. Once sentenced to death the pilot showed his executioners his coin that he had received from his unit. The executioners recognized the unit’s symbol on the coin and allowed the pilot to have time to clear his name. The pilot was able to show his true identity and was released. Since then challenge coins have been given to those who serve in a military organization as another way to identify with their community.

Since their start, custom challenge coins have been expanded into many different areas of the professional environment. They have been provided to those who buy video games like Call of Duty. Challenge coins have also been provided to movie production teams and TV show crews, such as Breaking Bad and Guardians of the Galaxy.  With all the different challenge coins being used throughout civilian organizations, there is no better way to continue the challenge coin tradition then by giving them to the men and women of the armed forces.

Our Support to Service

Embleholics hopes to continue the military tradition and help those who want to say thank you for their armed service by continuing to make affordable and quality custom challenge coins for sports teams and events. We believe in the tradition of the challenge coin and what it stands for. As veterans ourselves, we understand what it means to hold a challenge coin and the importance to support the non-profit organizations that maintain that support for our military. We look forward to working with future sports teams and allowing them to show their appreciation and continue their support for the military.

United States Navy Reserve 100 Years Jimmy Fallon

United States Navy Reserve 100 Years Jimmy Fallon

A few days ago if you were watching Jimmy Fallon you would have seen the United States Navy Reserve celebrating their 100th birthday by enlisting a number of new recruits into the force.

You would also see Jimmy receiving a reward for becoming an honorary member of the United States Navy. Embleholics produced the challenge coin that was on this reward. Thats right, Embleholics is now a piece of naval history will be forever located at the NBC Late Night Show’s headquarters.

We hope that Jimmy will forever enjoy his new challenge coin and we look forward to produce additional great products for military and civilian organizations in the future.

The Tradition of the Challenge Coin: Passing It on to Family and Friends

The Tradition of the Challenge Coin: Passing It on to Family and Friends

Supply Corps Challenge CoinOver the last few months I have been working on new concepts for coins and military coins that will better reach the average consumer. Sure it’s great to make coins for people who need them and to see their faces light up when you give them the finished product, but just like many of you I also like making my own coins from start to finish. So what does that mean for our business and the direction that we are moving in? It just means more creativity and more coins.

Thanks to many people who have helped us along the way, we are now able to expand and make our own line of coins. Many of you see coins on websites and coins from your friends, but challenge coins in general are kind of stuck to the military. I think that’s really a sad thing because I have had the chance to show others what challenge coins are, the tradition of challenging a friend and the history of the challenge coins. What I have found, people really think that’s a neat thing. They enjoy hearing about military traditions and when you get down to it, it’s nice to be able to pass a tradition on to someone who will also pass it on to someone else. What am I getting at? Well let me explain a little.

“it’s nice to be able to pass a tradition on to someone who will also pass it on to someone else.”

Since I have started to build this business I have sent a lot of challenge coins out to people who are in the military and who used to be in the military. Every time I came into the post office I would say hello and show the lady at the counter A Challenge Coin For The Holidaysthe new coins that I had made. Sometimes I would give her some that I personally made and not really think anything of it, but just glad to be excited about seeing her reaction when she received her coins. I would sometimes give other people coins as well when I came in to the office and soon people were asking me for more coins. When it comes down to it, though people don’t fully understand it, deep down inside coins are a huge part of our lives. We see them as money and automatically think that something that is round and made of metal is important to us. Challenge coins are important because they are worth more than money in some cases. They are very personal and often very colorful and expressive of something that we care about. We also give them as gifts to people often not expecting anything back in return. They are honestly a great way to just say thank you to someone you care about.

My goal in my business is to create something that others outside the military can understand and see our tradition as not just a military tradition but a tradition of the people. I think that it’s something that a lot of people can share and not just grownups.

When I was visiting my family this thanksgiving I also got to visit all my sisters’ kids. When I say KIDS I mean KIDS. I have two sisters and one of them has six kids all to herself, so that’s a lot of kids. I had brought some of my coins with me to give to them as gifts. I am not sure if it was the wrong thing to do because when I showed them the coins, they freaked out. It started much like a wild animal. The eyes of the children got big, the claws came out, and next thing you know I am being attacked by the wild beasts. They took all my coins and left me for dead… well not really. One thing I learned from the experience is that children are crazy, and they love challenge coins.

Now many of you are always thinking about the holiday time and what you should get people. There are the hard to buy for people and then there are the people that just want a gift card because they don’t even know what they want. Well I have found that challenge coins are one of the best ways to get a present for someone because it will last in their memory for a long time. I have had request for coins for family crests and other family related items. They are using them as in place of cards to show people their family is thinking about them while they are away for the holidays, or just to give to a friend for a thank you. Challenge coins are also the ultimate stocking suffers.

“to make custom challenge coins is one of the best ways to give a gift that will last in their memory for a long time”

With Christmas on its way and the production of challenge coins coming to a end for this year, its still not too late to get some great coins for the future. If you do decide to work with me and my business to make some coins for your family, friends, or business, just be as creative as possible. No one wants to make something that you won’t be proud of, and I enjoy making complex and amazing new products for people.

Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to making some great coins for all of you in the future.

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